this is jong ha from seoul.
i'm the new PLATOON.angel who reports from korea. me and Yeunsu and Yeunsu friend (Wedding designer) went to this exhibition. we were met t-artist Soo and bling editor Tae-young and DJ Kuma. this is my report:


What: T-shirts aNd T-shirts. Being together by T-shirts.
When: the 10th [Fri] ~ the 19th [Sun], August, 2007
Where: T-space, Seoul, Korea
Who: About 20 artists from 6 different countries [America, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, and Korea] with approximately 40 kinds of designs
Promoter: the executive office DA

Do you know the TNT bomb? This is a super powerful bomb composed of toluene, nitric acid, and sulphuric acid. But from the 10th to 19th of August, 2007, in the T-space, the new TNT will be born. Instead of toluene, nitric acid, and sulphuric acid, we will combine with T-shirts that represent the ideal and the hope, the critique and the despair, the image and the real, and then we will express the powerful energy of various cultures-this is the Worldwide T Exhibition Project, TNT.

As the name of TNT, we won't only exhibit T-shirts created by the representative T-artists. We also invited well-reputed T-artists from America and Germany. Momo [America], Cecile Belmont [France], Sunny [Germany], Komai [Japan], Dekal, Park Jinwoo, Sonyun, Soo [Korea], and the others from Hungary will show you the fantastic world of T-art.

As well as the exhibition, diverse workshops introduce you to the T-art world by Momo, Sunny, Cecile and 3 Korean artists: Dekal, Naul and Sonyun. We intend to make this an opportunity for T-artists to communicate with the general public through the workshop. And then there will be a another chance for the public to realize their own ideas to put on T-shirts and to participate in the T-art world .

We invite the public to contribute T-shirt designs on 'MY MINI' and then we will exhibit some of them in TNT with the other T-shirts.

We asked T-artist Soo, singer Naul and Lisa to realize T-art that expresses the message for the environmental campaign MTV SWITCH. We will donate the profits of this collaboration to an environmental protection association in Seoul.

We have another project using T-shirts without any print on it. In other words, in T+OBJECT project, T-shirts aren't allowed to express any messages on them but instead the T-shirts will become physical objects. Being reformed to represent the ideals and creativity of various artists.

*participating artists: Baek Jiwon [architect], Kimbanjang [singer], Kim Taewan [photographer], Hyaesin [DJ], Lee Yunjung [singer, art director], Lisa [singer], Sagang [movie director], Yujuju [artist], Yunjin [art director], etc.

Momo from America performs Live painting on the 10th for celebrating the opening of TNT. Besides this, we will prepare an opening party, a closing party and other exciting programs.

The exhibition is free of charge.
The workshop is held by reservation.
Welcome to TNT world!

T-shirts, a fashion item that the people on Earth have at least one or more according to the non-official statistics because maybe we have more than underwear in our closets. Now, T-shirts are not just a type of clothing formed by two sleeves and two parts rapping the upper half of the body, but in fact they have become the most universal fashion item of today. Nobody is surprised any more at the sight of a native wearing T-shirts in the jungle.

This is why T-shirts are really universal. So T-shirts developed from a piece of clothing into the public media on which we can express our ideas. It is not too much to say that the T-shirts are evolving into the canvas for expression. T-shirts express things like simple images to the idea, the critic of the real, and the political opinion of the individual.

As showing this tendency, there are already remarkable T-shirts brands (AA, BEAMS T, GRANIPH, CLUB KING) and the T-shirt public contribution and contest are not rare any more. Nevertheless there is no exhibition yet that can represent the identity of today's T-shirts. So our TNT starts at this point.

TNT will happen every year and move all over the world.
this is the exhibition place T space

following grey t-shirts design by Soo

actually we were expected much more special design and printing... anyway it was not bad.

i like soo^^

after exhibition we went to private house party

yeunsu was introduce to me lots of people in there.

look at her pants ^^ looks nice!

Regards Jong Ha
(left/right is soo)