Part bike gang but all DIY-enthusiasm, Trafo Pop are a group of artists and designers — led by PLATOON member Thomas Gnahm — known for their homemade light jackets.

With built-in LED screens controlled by microprocessors, their night rides, flashmobs and demonstrations are colorful affairs featuring wearables such as jackets whose LEDs react to sound and come with touch interfaces that control animation on the back. It’s also an open community that encourages others with workshops that teach attendees how to make their own jacket or device that can then be worn at the next night ride.Even as Trafo Pop work to make their wearables even more interactive, as with the sound reactive jackets, the ingenuity they’ve already exhibited is undeniable. What’s perhaps more impressive is their spirit of community — pooling their talents for a common cause (of fun), emphasizing their good-natured biker gang image. In hosting regular workshops where they share their knowledge, they combine cooperation with an energizing punk attitude, and they also plan to expand the network to other cities. Trafo Pop feel like a countercultural resource for bicyles, lights, electronics and wearable technology.