What started as one man’s passion in 2001 has grown into an art publisher of the highest order and an award-winning example of activism through aesthetics.

Founded by Gigi Giannuzzi, Trolley Books quickly became renowned for their high production values and elegant design in photography book publishing, even as far back as 2003’s Agent Orange – Collateral Damage in Viet Nam by Philip Jones Griffiths. Trolley regularly works with photographers of note— including the likes of Robin Maddock, Nina Berman, Stanley Greene, and more—setting an agenda of difficult subject matter and using photography as a tool against power, hypocrisy and injustice, with the belief that books have an innate power to act as cultural testaments to events in the world that should be seen, and not be forgotten.Sadly, the infectiously exuberant Giannuzzi (a fondly missed PLATOON member) died in 2012, but the Trolley directive remains upheld by Hannah Watson, his business partner since 2005. Giannuzzi lived to see the opening of their London contemporary art gallery TJ Boulting, and the first book published following his passing was Trolleyology, a celebration of the books he had published in Trolley’s first ten years with new contributions from the worlds of photography, art, and publishing. The outpouring of affection for Giannuzzi—especially in the form of works donated to raise nearly a quarter of a million pounds for his cancer treatment—was testament not only to the man, but also to his legacy, a book publisher beloved by both artists and the public.