"The Eightfold Noble Path (of the Mexican Electronic)" is an exhibition project by Mexican visual artist Txema Novelo. Following a line of work since 2004 linking popular music with mysticism, Novelo under a balance between humor and formalism, propose us a meta-religion that seeks to reveal the divine gnosis from elements of mass culture.

"Performing a renaissance magic practice known as 'Sigilism' the artist has created a symbolic representation or “seal” for each one of the eight projects of Mexican electronic music he considers the most influent, since the end of the seventies to nowadays.

The result is an aesthetic review in form of an eight large-format digital prints exhibition about the pillars of the synthesis and the seminal electronic music in Mexico. Which opened a divisive gap of modernity that still resounds to our days thanks to groups like Syntoma, Size and Ford Proco. On the other hand, consecrated in the global scene since the beginning of this century, the first electronic music with elements of national identity came through the Nortec Collective; and from this, emerged our first international celebrity in the scene of ambient and glitch without precedent, the uncanny Fernando Corona a.k.a. ”Murcof”. A little bit later on, the first album of Antiguo Autómata Mexicano (the truly regiomontano pride) came in Germany trough Background records and meanwhile in Mexico City Duopandamix was added to the kingdom of avant-garde Mexican electronic music commanded from Tijuana by Static Discos. Finally the indisputable successor of northern electronic music, Siete Catorce took off years ago through the NAAFI Collective, to take the world by storm and put the name of the national scene in high heights."

Graduated from the CUEC (Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos) and the Vancouver Film School. Has been grant holder of FONCA Jóvenes Creadores in the discipline of Multimedia in 2005, has received the support for Arts and Media of CENART 2008 and holder of the program for abroad residencies FONCA CONACYT 2011. Later on also the Artistic Residencies HALLE 14 in Leipzig Alemania, the grant of the European Media Artists in Residence Exchange EMARE in Bourges, France in 2013 and the Interdisciplinary Program of Artistic Residencies Casa Wabi in 2016.

And also has been part of galeries such as Arte Contemporáneo Ramis Barquet Monterrey, Luis Adelantado and Yautepec in Mexico City. His work has beenn exposed in national and international museums: Museo Carrillo GilMuseo X Teresa, Centro de Cultura Digital, Museo Experimental el Eco, Museo Reina Sofía and la Casa Encendida in Spain. The Museum of Contemporary Art of Warsaw Zamek Ujazdowski and with Fundación Telefónica in Argentina. Has participated in artfairs such as FRIEZE, ARCO and MACO. The Young Art Biennale in Moscow, the Havana Biennale and the MEXICO CALIFORNA Biennale. His cinematographic work has been exhibited in the FICCO (Festival Internacional de Cine Contemporáneo de la Ciudad de México) and Festival Distrital, both based in Mexico City. He founded the record label Vale Vergas Discos.

“Celebrating the year of cultural exchange between Germany and Mexico under the support of PLATOON Mexico City, this exhibition seek to pay homage to this lineage of Mexican avant garde artists, who gave this country a unique identity in the hidden story of universal electronic music.” - Txema Novelo