SEOUL · UNLIMITED EDITION is all about independent publishers and their creations. publishers present publications from limited editions featuring only 5 copies to design magazines with a solid fanbase. while they distribute them directly to the public, visitors have the opportunity to meet the makers of their favourite publications and exchange ideas. UNLIMITED EDITION provides an overview about the state of independent publishing in korea and reflects dynamics of a scene that doesn’t separate consumption and production but invites everybody to express their ideas and express it their way.

host: yourmind
supporter: GRAPHIC,
in cooperation with PLATOON KUNSTHALLE

date: 26 - 28 MARCH 2010
time: 26.3. pm 6 - 11 / 27.3. pm 2 - 11 / 28.3. pm 2 - 9
official homepage:

free entrance

concert acts: opening 26.3. 7pm siwha / 27.3. 7pm IDA / closing 28.3. 7pm lim ju yeon

opening party: 26.3. 10pm with dj baya