On the weekend i met up with my personal design heroes beata, oli and flo at their FUK Laboratory - they are in the final throes creating the identity for this years URBAN AFFAIRS that takes place at STATTBAD (guess what, it's a former swimming pool) just across the street.

"URBAN AFFAIRS extended, presents in this second edition, an International selection of world renowned Urban and Streetart artist. Following the motto of the exhibition name this year, numerous external artistic projects, Galleries and institutions are invited to a new exhibition space in an reappropriated Berlin Swimming pool, with over 2,000 square meters of space available. The focus is on the reunification of Urban and contemporary art, interactive performances site specific works with the utilisation of public spaces."

the vernissage is on July 1st (this Wendnesday) — it will be followed by the opening / fashionweek-afterparty on saturday and numerous other special events like workshops, performances, lectures and parties throughout the month.

for more information check out the website.

Rumors have it that FUK Lab works will also be shown at URBAN AFFAIRS and they will host one of the external exhibitions presenting MYMO

if you are there also make sure to check the surrounding area along the canal!