In an unusual interdisciplinary twist, Anja Humljan launched The Urban Yoga as an experiment to explore a dialogue between body and city.

As a top track and field athlete during her youth in her native Slovenia, a trained dancer, and a yoga teacher of 13 years, Humljan has always been in touch with her body and the sensory world it allows us. As a trained, exhibited architect who has studied sound recording, her methods for analyzing space became more intertwined with the sense of her own physicality and search for harmony with her environment—wherever that may be.With The Urban Yoga, Humljan encourages us to fully surrender to our senses to allow a space—any space, even the kinds of urban environments that may be thought to limit freedom or cause stress— to become a source of positive energy. With a new photo book showing how to accomplish this, she gives us examples of her theories and process. Whether it’s through these activities or others, such as her Space Potential laboratory for experimental architecture, Humljan remans committed to buildings which go beyond form and function to express fundamental truths of the human condition.