Harnessing the talents of a team of architects, media artists, musicians, cultural scholars and technical specialists, URBANSCREEN are in the business of creating beautiful, large-scale spectacles out of the overlap between the material and digital worlds.

Specializing in public, site-specific media installations—most commonly taking the form of 3D-video mapping on architecture and augmented sculptures (a physical object with custom-fit projection mapping)—the Bremen-based collective have won numerous awards, displaying the breadth of their imaginations and the strength of their technology on five different continents.Allowing their work to also guide a research strand, URBANSCREEN feels like a particularly modern concern. Their cumulative practice illustrates and investigates the principles of communication, lifestyle, and art in the post-digital world, emphasizing how intertwined such ideas have become. They rely on the most up-to- date movements of video technology to create futuristic, yet still poetic, panoramic scenes, and participate in the conversations that surround it. Whether explorations of light and space, virtual theater, or research study and debate, URBANSCREEN are clear leaders in their interdisciplinary field.