To celebrate the third anniversary of their project and as our closing exhibition for our program for the Dual Year Mexico-Germany, Vngravity presented "Ecosystems: Aeons" a collective curatorial project that refers to a rarified space and time. The nucleus of this exhibition is to think the effects caused by the human (and therefore technological) presence in the evolutionary course of nature.
Vngravity developed a virtual ecology combining two plausible future projections occurring simultaneously, intersecting: two eons or eras characterized by the impact of human emanations, whether catastrophic or those that outline the so-called "sixth extinction" or symbiotic, encouraging the evolution of living and artificial systems.
This environment is populated by virtual entities created by artists who have been specially chosen for the proximity of their work with this approach as well as for transforming what the sciences of life, futurology and apocalyptic imaginaries in fiction, offered as raw material. So the pieces are the result of a bewildering speculation rather than the illustration of such ideas.


Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Donnie Fredericks
Bianca Oravecz
Joey Holder
Blunt x Skensved
Iain Ball
Don Electrq
Music for your plants
As part of the alternate activities of the exhibition we hosted a special conversation with: Siobhan Guerrero Mc Manus (Mexico) Biologist, teacher and doctor in philosophy of science by the UNAM and Santiago Itzcoatl (Mexico) collaborator and author of projects that linking different areas of interest such as science and technology, sound, geometry and space.