yesterday we had dinner with some people connected through our network (small video): first timothy jachna and wantanee suntikul. both professors at the polytechnic university of hong kong. he is an architect who worked for 7 years in berlin at christoph langhofs office. christoph checked this contact for us: thank you!

his wife is working at the hotel & tourism management department of the university.

we catched up with some of their friends: valérie portefaix and her husband laurent gutierrez from map office. also a architecture project which publishes books and takes part in exhibitions.. such as the urbandrift to which we took part as well in 2002. so there was already a link between Platoon and map office.. funny..

and last but not least benoit dupuis. the french publisher of the online art and culture magazine tofu.

it was a really interessting group of people talking while eating.. in the end nobody was interested in the food but in conversation.. we ended up on the roof garden of the map-office in between really tall buildings.. having some beer and wine..

later on, while we were on our way to the first really stylish club in town, we found our first example of the rare pieces of street art.. see left side..

the club is really hidden in a small alleyway at the very end: the drop. this is somehow the only real club we found so far. everybody told us that the 'underground' or party-people-scene is not very active.. there are just these pubs we all know and hate from england.. and some ibiza-style teeny-discotheques.. but we´ll keep searching..

stay tuned..