PLATOONIES' day out!
always workin!workin! workin!!!

so l took them to out for fun on last saturday.
in apgujeong nearby our container site there was a flea market. it's a very small place at a design shop(second hotel). the owner of the shop is a designer so he wants to provide an open space to other designers every three months.

our container site project manager jiwon pretended to be a kaufmann...and surprisingly it worked.

remember jongha?! he was platoon's first angel in korea.
now he got into managing a percussion performance team called noridan. they had a street performance last saturday . their concept is to recycle stuff and make percussion out of it. it was very nice and ppl were dancing together and having such a good time....^^*

of course~~ we went to have a korean bbq which cannot be missed to start a party night...hehehe

one of the sound artists for our semi opening party on june 13 was having a concert at a small indie club in the hongik university area...

we all went to club mass in gangnam area to see german techno dj dixon.

after all the only thing l remember is that i had fun!!! right? my friend? @#$%^&....