we are deeply in shock. the disappearance and detention by chinese authorities of artist Ai Weiwei is a disgrace and a wake up call for all of us!

last year Weiwei was our guest for the opening of KUNSTHALLE GWANGJU. Tom, who met him, told us he has an incredibly inspiring personality, we really hope he will manage to get out of trouble!

today, inspired by JR´s INSIDEOUT project, we thought to pay a spontaneous tribute to Weiwei and pasted-up a portrait of him on our containers. a passerbyer said: "although he got imprisoned his message is now running free around the globe!"

this morning i watched a very touching video posted by TED. the people at TED expressed their concern about Mr Ai´s arrest. last month they presented a film of him, an unexpected and courageous statement about his treatment by the government, social change, the power of the web, and his hope for the future of China.

also the organization ACCESSNOW moved quickly and launched a campaign aimed to put some pressure on the chinese government -> take your time to sign the online petition, it only takes few seconds!

but if you are a real activist join the WHERE IS WEIWEI action -> print down the graphic about ten times and paste it in your neibourghood. on tree, signs, doors. make a photo and upload it to post it on this page. they will send all those picture to the Republic of china embassy. (via jaybo)

recent developments seem to show:

"Mr Ai is the most prominent victim of a wide campaign to silence lawyers, activists and writers in recent weeks, with dozens being “disappeared” or charged with inciting subversion.

Until Wednesday, the Chinese authorities refused to comment on his whereabouts, despite calls for his release from the UK, the United States and the European Union.

Mr Ai’s former lawyer said yesterday that he remained optimistic Mr Ai would be released."

we really hope so...