BERLIN · last year the whole PLATOON CREW reunited in Seoul for the 1st anniversary of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE and the 10th anniversary of PLATOON cultural development!

time is running fast! we are already at the 2nd anniversary! YEAH!!!

during our adventure in Seoul, Marc Brinkmeier aka DaFosten, photographer and special trooper since the early days, decided to pay a tribute to all platoonies and created this fantastic booklet!

it all initiated with the idea of a TEAM-SHOT (which you see above as our banner)... but that was not enough. the question was... WHO THE FUCK IS PLATOON!?!

Fosten decided to capture a moment of daily life from each of us... starting with the Seoul Crew while we were there, and ending with the Berlin Crew during summer 2010.

NOW is time for you to see it.


-> if it doesnt work on your iphone