despite the fact we moved a month ago, the PLATOON.area is still a work in progress.

our two new containers are being converted into office space, for this reason some very good friends of PLATOON came directly from freiburg for sorting out the insulation.

Niels and his team worked constantly for days trying to cope with their hungovers in the day and going out partying every night... as it should be.

Andreas, the blacksmith, cut the containers at one side for them to be connected in a L shape.

the space looks great already. we are just waiting for the next team to give it the final touch.

we also decided to move our PLATOON.pool on the side, it was a bit too crowded in front of the Bar.

now everything seems to get into shape and we can´t wait to enjoy the results of such hard working days.

in the meantime the lads, Tom&Christoph, are on a mission in asia. the upper container seems very quite, but in reality PLATOON is always prepared to face the storm.