"working poor": the wages per hour in germany are going down steadily nearly to poverty line. in order to address this problem PLATOON has been working hard for more then one year to create a strategy for this campaign with ver.di and NGG, aiming to achieve its goal of introducing a law for minimum-wage in germany (we reported this already in previous entries).

for a better understanding of the topic minimum-wage and especially to show the frightening truth to as much people as possible, PLATOON created an exhibition-container for the "working poor" campaign.
the container is now finally ready!

the exhibition-container shows the national problem of "Hungerlöhner". inside the exhibition-container there are portraits (gorgeouse photographs by marc brinkmeier and emotional articles by judka strittmatter) of people, whose income just hardly overruns the poverty line. extensive information material and special features, like a DVD or minimum-wage-t-shirts are available within the exhibition. the minimum-wage-puppets are also on their way and you will certainly see them in every city touched by the exhibition; the puppets visualise professions suffering particulary from wage-dumping, for example nurses, waiters and security guards.

this exhibition-container is now touring through more than 50 cities in 80 days in germany. the tour started this week on 1st of may in erfurt. nearly every day the the exhibition is located in another city and is accessible for everyone. here you can find the tour-diary including google-maps etc..

i also want to remind you of the signatures-collection for a minimum-wage at the website, where everyone may support the campaign. on the according weblog you can find the reports and pictures of the tour...

i think, the hard work, the dirt and the sweating of all the involved person was succesful – but best you look and see for yourself ...

short movie of moving truck..