BERLIN · the project AI WEIWEI IS IN CHINA stems from a question that was largely asked during spring/summer of 2011 in the art world and was extended to international media and human rights groups: 'Where is Ai Weiwei'. large banners were deployed on the facades of art institutions, demonstrations were organised, t-shirts and pins were distributed, exhibitions where exhibited and thousands of articles were published in western newspapers and websites.

by answering AI WEIWEI IS IN CHINA, the ultimate question in itself is answered simply and truthfully, and we can only at this starting point begin to ask more questions that they themselves lead to answering pointing to other questions that never really lead to clearer answers but perhaps can directly us to a better understanding of what is really happening to us, to the world on it's grand stage and behind its curtains when they are shut.

the exhibition runs from friday evening until Sunday (11. - 13.11) at the Fichtebunnker (map). visit the event on facebook for more info.
see more about PLATOON and our AI WEIWEI campaign.