BERLIN · we are pleased to announce our resident artist Simonne Jones will be holding her very first ARTIST TALK!

the multitalented Simonne Jones will be sharing her experiences as both a scientist and an artist and discussing the similarities between the two fields. similarities that are based upon pattern finding and a desire to understanding reality.

Simonne is integrating her interests in science and art by creating works that combine visual arts, science, and technology into one. during her ARTIST LAB residency at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, she is creating interactive, motion-detecting, LED paintings that represent scientific patterns in the universe.

in the PLATOON ARTIST LAB Simonne is designing MIDI-keyboard controlled musical paintings that will project constellations as well as embody their own little universe. they explore the trans-dimensional information regarding curiosity about existence with a scientific context.

read her report to learn more about her project.