BERLIN · member Jure Kotnik #5694, is pleased to bring his Container Architecture Exhibition to PLATOON in berlin!

it was the world's first of its kind back in 2008. it offers an insight into one of architecture's youngest branches, it showcases the most high-profile realized ISO-container projects from all over the globe and clearly demonstrates the wide variety of uses containers can be put to.

this includes temporary constructions, public buildings, housing arrangements and everything in between. the exhibit asserts that quality architecture does not precondition what you build with but how. several of the presented projects rank among top notch architecture achievements, having received world renowned awards.
container architecture is an alternative approach to prefabricated building, it is quick to setup and low-cost, and offers custom, eco-friendly solutions. the presented projects are mainly from recycled containers assembled with low noise pollution and minimum site impact, which is why we speak of eco friendly construction.

the exhibition was put together by Jure Kotnik, architect and editor of best selling Container Architecture monograph. the exhibition was firstly exposed at Ljubljana’s Museum of Architecture and design, then it was showcased at ESA Gallery in Paris and it will now run at PLATOON BERLIN for the whole of august.

after Berlin the exhibition travels to Seattle where it will be presented in American Institute of Architects Gallery in September.


Alte Schönhauser Straße 3

Berlin 10119

the exhibit features: MMW Architects (Norway), Shigeru Ban Architects (Japan), Will Alsop Design Ltd. (UK), Phooey Architects (Australia), AFF Architekten (Germany), Spillmann-Echsle (Swiss), Lot-Ek (USA), Knock.Se (Sweden), Hybrid (USA), DeMaria Design Associates (USA), Adam Kalkin (USA), Nicholas Lacey & Partners (UK), HVDN Architecten (Netherlands), MVRDV (Netherlands), Pierre Morency Architecten (Canada), PLATOON+Graft Lab (Germany), Luc Deleu (Belgium), Spillmann-Felser (Swiss), Jure Kotnik (Slovenia).

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