BERLIN · FORCES BETWEEN PARTICLES is a project by Tikul and Jendrek (Pussykrew Visual Collective) developed during their artist residency at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin.

FORCES BETWEEN PARTICLES will transform PLATOON KUNSTHALLE into a huge projection unit by using its structure and architectural features. the building facade will be illuminated with immersive objects inspired by different states of matter, organic liquids and bio algorithms.

opening on saturday, 26th of january, 2013 at 19:00

· launch of the multimedia installation FORCES BETWEEN PARTICLES

· presentation of PLATOON ARTIST LAB

· interactive installation DIGITAL FRAGMENTS by Stefanie Greimel and Elektropastete

· live DJ set by Sereia (Sentel)

exhibition running: saturday, 26th of january – saturday, 2nd of february

opening hours: every day between 16:00 - 04:00

the event is presented as a part of reSource 003 vorspiel 003 transmediale culture berlin

the project is supported by ic! Berlin.


Ewelina Aleksandrowicz and Andrzej Wojtas (Tikul & Jendrek) are Berlin based artists who are collaboratively working within the area of digital media. their interdisciplinary practices range from audiovisual performances, live coding to sound experiments, sensor based technologies and DIY electronics. under the name Pussykrew, Aleksandrowicz and Wojtas are producing live visuals, video installations and videoclips. in 2011 they both completed Digital Media Masters degree at Culture Lab - Newcastle University. in august 2012 they’ve started their artist residency at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin.

they are constantly trying to challenge the viewer, through exploration of identity, queerness of human body, architectural objects and its transformations, synthetic-organic textures, glitch aesthetics, physicality of image and sound. their projects are attempting to bend the perception of time, intensify the senses and reactivate the dismissed areas of psyche.


DIGITAL FRAGMENTS is a master of arts thesis of Stefanie Greimel.

a project of the visuals arts collective Elektropastete.

a mixed - reality - immersive - interactive - kinect - noise - projection - data - installation - also - a - sensory - user - driven - past - present - information - mesh - structure - sound - experience - establishing - a new - dialogue - between - merging - decompiled - realities - involving visitors - in - an - evolving - generative - process created - by - many - lines - of - code

DJ set by SEREIA (Sentel)

Sereia is a part of polish duo called Sentel. their last EP “Shut Your Eyes” was released on London-based Granholme Recordings in 2012. since then they remixed couple of tracks for Senseless Records, Concrete Cut, Wicked Bass and Car Crash Set.