BERLIN · the MPA-B crew presents some of Berlin's finest underground music to delight your ears and shake your bodies, in what will be remembered as one of the most raving parties of the year.

MPA-B is organized also with the help of PLATOON friend and member Francesca Romana Ciardi #3292, who is also one of the many performance artists involved in the project.

it all goes down at Mindpirates in Kreuzberg starting from 22:00. you will dance to the sweaty beats of DJ Bongo's Electrocumbia and salsa brava, melt to the liquid audiophonics of our headliners, the one and only Jahcoozi, and bump and grind with Berlin's hottest posse of performance art people to the sexy beats of Davey Dee.

all proceeds from the door will go to MPA-B to cover printing and production costs as they work their way up to the performance madness in may, when artists from Berlin and all over the world will take over the city for a whole Month of Performance Art.

MPA-B will see a wildly eclectic and diverse range of performance artists in a variety of venues all over the city. this is your chance to support a great project and have a memorable night at the same time.


And here are some DELICIOUS things for your....

*EYES: the powers of Art 4 live at Alex TV for the MONTH OF PERFORMANCE ART - BERLIN 2012

*BODIES: Shake it to the tune of our much beloved Berlin

did you know that MPA-B is a 100% not funded project? 

this is the reason why a month ago they have launched a crowdfunding campaign on INKUBATO a project founded by Konrad Lauten #5302, to help them raise enough funds to cover basic production and logistic costs, such as design, printing of flyers and booklets, promotion, documentation, food and drinks for the artists taking part to MPA-B open and so on… so far they have reached 56% of the amount needed to reach their goal of 2,500 euro, and if they don't reach 2,500 euro they will loose the 47% gained so far (this is how crowdfunding works!) - SUPPORT them even with just a small contribution!

MPA-B really needs your help!

you will get site-specific performances dedicated to you, special treatments at their opening party as well as durational hugs and love and gratitude from the sexy MPA-B organising team!
read our previous report about MPA-B and Francesca.