BERLIN · "i have seen the future. her name is Simonne Jones." Peaches

triple threat, Simonne Jones, singer, artist and scientist is finishing her artists residency at the PLATOON ARTIST LAB in Berlin.

after six months of research and work she will exhibit her interactive musical LED paintings and enchant us with a special musical performance.

VJ installation during the performance and exhibitionby Jem the Misfit.

software engineering by Nicholas Squires.

when Simonne started her artist residency, she wrote an intriguing report for PLATOON: "science and art are inseparable. scientists and artists both attempt to transform our reality in ways that we can understand. neither are content with what exists overtly in nature. they want to dive deep into the secrets of the universe. as a scientist and artist i am passionate about creating work that catalyzes a curiosity to explore a limitless universe."

read the full report Fusing art & science.

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