BERLIN · the STROKE.ARTFAIR is the worlds first art fair with a main focus on all developments concerning the worldwide movement of the so called urban art.

STROKE is a contemporary event for an unconventional and uncompromsing art experience. whether you have an art historical education, a serious collectors intention, the passion for form and colour or pure curiosity - here you will find enjoyment.

for the first time in human history, the majority of the earth's population is living in urban residential areas. the urban environment and the corresponding lifestyle can be counted amongst the fundamental sources of inspiration for contemporary culture.

the historical revolution of visual forms of expression, in which the designs of the everyday streetscape, with its graffiti, tags, tattoos, advertising or graphic design found their sustenance, define the progression of contemporary art. the urban environment as the literal and metaphorical platform for this development both inspires and presents the artist and their work.

this year, the urban art fair takes place at a new location:
Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof

Straße der Pariser Kommune 8

friday, saturday: 13:00-23:30

sunday: 13:00-18:00

entry €8

student special on friday: 6€

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