CAPE TOWN · MYMO #6143 has returned to Cape Town and is one of the featured artists contributing to Kalahari Catalyst's silent auction. the auction is raising funds for their project to improve the quality of life through the combination of art, permaculture and education in two kalahari desert villages, Utikom and Andriesvale.

MYMO isn't the only one contributing her work, but many other local and international artists will be contributing their affordable artworks as well. among the artists, the Vancouver raised painter Scott Sueme, the South African street artist Freddy Sam and many others will be contributing to Kalahari Catalyst's endeavor.

this auction is one of three silent auctions supporting Kalahari Catalyst. the next one will be in Johannesburg in march and Torino, Italy in april. if you can't make it to South Africa but still want to contribute to the project you make a donation through their crowd-funding page.

100% of the proceeds will go directly towards funding phase 1 of the project, set to begin in early 2013.