El DONNERSTAGSBAR es nuestro evento semanal de networking sólo para miembros, afiliados y amigos.

Dentro del DONNERSTAGSBAR diferentes miembros presentan, interpretan o discuten sus proyectos. A la vez, ocurre el networking mientras se disfruta de bebidas y la selección musical del DJ.

Deseamos que sea una noche inspiracional y con un networking verdaderamente personal.

Afiliado para estar en la lista de invitados AHORA.

The DONNERSTAGSBAR is our weekly networking event for members, affiliates and friends only.

Within the DONNERSTAGSBAR different members present, perform or discuss their projects. And everybody networks while having some chilled drinks and listen to some good DJ-tunes.

Our special guest at this gathering is DADARA Artist, Bank Director and provocateur celebrating the absurd. But to call Dutch artist Dadara a provocateur touches on only part of what he does as a painter, designer, sculptor and conceptual artist. He might enjoy getting a reaction with his work, but his explorations of the boundaries and absurdities of reality also contain layers of thoughtfulness.

For example, examining finance, Dadara started his own bank as an artist in 2011. The Exchanghibition Bank issued banknotes in denominations of Zero, Million, Love and more. Similarly, commenting on social media and the attention economy, he refers to his Like 4 Real project, which worshipped ‘Likes’ (of the Facebook variety) as a religion that guides people on their spiritual path of Enlikement. In Hourtopia, time also became a currency. With his penchant for critiquing and replicating social structures, his new undertaking is the Beyond Festival.