MILAN ·Public Design Festival will take place from 17th to 21st of april.

it's the daily life of cities, becoming every day a more and more difficult and chaotic place to live in for millions of people, that leads us to the first questions: how is it possible to make the urban environment surrounding us more comfortable, beautiful, and functional? how can design change and improve the relationship between people and the spaces surround them? think public: that's the only way to survive in contemporary societies.

that means sharing thoughts, ideas, and opinions, and being open to exchanges, information, and the development of new projects and collaborations. It means getting to know each other, your neighbors, and your city, with its little squares, lanes, and hidden corners. it means experiencing the city, rather than just cross it, imagining how it could be, and trying to awarly re-design it. scattered throughout the city - streets, squares, empty urban areas, parks - the festival venues display public projects for the people to test them.

Milan fills up with new ideas for public space, conceived and implemented by Esterni and by important international designers. services, new urban furniture, solutions for a more enjoyable and sustainable city - projects elaborated to outlast the event. furthermore, the citizens are invited to take part in a series of workshops, roundtables and parties.

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anyone interested in open design can join MakerLab from 1st to 15th april and co-work with two PLATOON members - Jay Cousins #5404 and Pedro Pineda Ballester #5377.

visit the residency at Art Kitchen Superground (via Bussola 4 - Milano), a temporary hub where you can share perspectives about urban issues and tools. from 15th to 21st april the creative group from Berlin will move to un posto a Milano inside Cascina Cuccagna, to develop a public action with the help of visitors.

to participate you have to APPLY.