MUNICH · Stroke Urban Art Fair, which is run by Marco Schwalbe #4758, is the first and only art fair worldwide, dedicated to all forms of urban art. the Urban Art Fair is not like any other art fair - this is the place where young artist and ambitious international galleries have the chance to enter a big market without taking any financial risks.

Stroke Urban Art Fair works as a parallel universe to the inflated classical art market of the "rich and beautiful", driven by aggressive investment strategies, auctions houses and the greed for spectacular maximum prices. the goal is to establish an art-entry-market for both: the artist (gallery) and the interested buyer.

passion and dedication are still more important than business plans and projections. unbeatable participation costs combined with professional presentation and an uninterrupted passion for the art - this is where we see the starting point for the world's first and only the Urban Art Fair. during the last decade, no other german art-show can compete the Urban Art Fair regarding growth and media interest.
within the last 2 years, more then 47,000 visitors came to see artists and galleries from all over the world.

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