NEW YORK CITY · gallery mc is hosting an artist led itinerant project that will showcase a globally diverse collection of artists.

Lisa Wade has curated a bomb lineup of artists, which includes PLATOON member Mario Consiglio #3550, the man known his ironic and desecrating alteration of pictures and icons. Mario uses aswastika in his work because he sees the political extremity in Italy as a "revolving twister, morphing into a swastika, the one that loses pieces as well as people. a centrifuging space swallowing up and rejecting everything, risking to get lost in the void

along with Mario, Alessia Armeni, Francesca Romana Pinzari, Pernette Scholte, Lisa Wade, and NY guest artists: Brian Novatny and Nicole Wittenberg will be showcasing their work. 

the evening line-up curated by Eli Lehrhoff will feature solo performers Dreamboat Crusaderz & Dillon James Rego, dj(ammers) GDFX & Smhoak Mosheein

go to their website for the full line-up of performance, video, music and events throughout the duration of sing sweet songs of conviction at mc curated by Eli Lehrhoff in collaboration with secret project robot and all armory art week events in collaboration with destination 52nd street, vancelette, and art925 cto.