Las sesiones THINK TANK son un ambiente informal de creativos para encontrarse, compartir ideas, conocimiento y presentar sus últimos proyectos. Cada sesión explorará un tema diferente invitando huéspedes profesionales de The Global Creative Alliance.

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The THINK TANK sessions is an informal environment for creatives to meet and share ideas, knowledge and present their latest projects. Each session we will explore a different theme by inviting guest professionals from The Global Creative Alliance.

Our Special Guest for next THINK TANK session is:

DADARA, Artist / Bank Director (Amsterdam / Berlin)

"In a world where the word 'value' seems to have become synonymous with 'financial value' it's good to realise that we have many other values, such as emotional, moral, artistic ones, which might even have more worth".  - ART AS MONEY

Dadara started his own bank as an artist in 2011. The Exchanghibition Bank issued banknotes in denominations of Zero, Million, Love and more. Similarly, commenting on social media and the attention economy, he refers to his Like 4 Real project, which worshipped ‘Likes’ (of the Facebook variety) as a religion that guides people on their spiritual path of Enlikement. In Hourtopia, time also became a currency. With his penchant for critiquing and replicating social structures, his new undertaking is the Beyond Festival.