BERLIN · there are not a lot of musicians out there, who by evolving and exploring new musical galaxies, constantly influence, set and define a certain musical era. one of them is for sure electronic music producer and composer Robot Koch #3479, also known as the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed band Jahcoozi. on 31st of august he released his new EP Cosmis Waves at Project Mooncircle.

MATEJ: how do you feel after the release of Cosmic Waves?

ROBOT: i feel good. i'm happy with it, it's been getting a lot of love.

MATEJ: what was the idea behind Cosmic Waves?

ROBOT: i have sent out half finished songs to a few hand picked producers i like and asked them to finish it in their own unique way. so it's a collaboration EP, but it also features three new original cuts, which i have made alone.

MATEJ: from all the reviews, comments and opinions - which was the one sentence that best captured the music and the atmosphere of the EP?

ROBOT: there was this review on Okayplayer saying: "Sludge" (on which Koch is assisted by Kuhn) might be the least phallic piece of trap music you’ve heard so far – until you notice it works just as fine as a house tune.

MATEJ: at which age did you get interested in the music?

ROBOT: it's true that i have started playing drums in a death metal band at the age of 15. and i have always sampled stuff on tapes and re-dubbed them.

MATEJ: do you see a connection between all of your musical influences - from heavy metal, jazz, hip hop to electronic music?

ROBOT: of course. music is an universal language to me and the styles are just all pieces of a bigger pictures. they all make sense to me.

MATEJ: which places, environment or moments are the most inspiring for you?

ROBOT: the forest close to the house where i grew up is a magical place to me. i really do connect with the nature there and i get in touch with ideas, which were hidden under all the external input i have in my daily life in Berlin. it's only when i'm in nature and away from the city that i can really deeply connect with my creativity.

MATEJ: if you would have to draw a picture - how would your intimate musical universe/galaxy look like?

ROBOT: it would be a drawing with many layers. kind of a dark, but with a glow of beauty from underneath.

MATEJ: tell us more about your upcoming project Robots Don't Sleep.

ROBOT: for my new project Robots Don't Sleep i will team up with singer John Lamonica. he will take over vocals and guitar, me on synth and electronics. and we will also have a drummer and a backing vocalist playing bass, keys or guitar at times. plus someone on cello. so it's a four or five piece band. that's how i imagine it for now. let's see how it all comes together, but i think it's gonna be dope, i'm excited about it. we'll take songs like Nitesky from my last album and go somewhere new and exciting where i've never been before musically. the journey continues!

MATEJ: in what would you put your passion if it wouldn't be it for the music?

ROBOT: i guess i'd be good at working with plants or animals.

MATEJ: you bring a lot of energy to your live performances. how do you motivate yourself every time? or is it something that comes automatically when you start to play your favorite tunes?

ROBOT: it's just energy. the energy i get from the crowd and the sound. if it's a great soundsystem, where i can really enjoy the tracks i'm playing and the people are feeling it too, then this energy just connects with everyone and that's what makes a dope show.

MATEJ: which upcoming musicians do you consider the most exciting at this moment?

ROBOT: there are a bunch of talented people i like. Graciela Maria of course, then i like this kid called Sieren, then Kuhn, Raindog and the Headshotboyz, who i collaborated with on my EP.

MATEJ: would you do a crowdfunding project?

ROBOT: i don't know. i'm not against it, but so far it worked out without crowdfunding for me, but i'm open to all possibilities.

MATEJ: on friday you play at Dia De Los Muertos at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin. what can we expect?

ROBOT: i`ll play a selection of rare and old music, like african and cuban music. nothing electronic, but very inspirational to me and hopefully to the audicence as well.