BERLIN · characters become very much alive between 11th - 15th in Berlin!  since 1999, every two years, Pictoplasma, the world’s leading and largest festival of contemporary character culture, comes into town with a dense program with inspiring artists, conference lectures, animations, workshops, installations and performances.

part of Pictoplasma was also the Character walk with exciting happenings throughout Berlin. in our containers we hosted the exhibition Hybrid by Pleix, a virtual community of digital artists based in Paris. they do cool installations, commercials, films and music videos, like for Basement Jaxx and Plaid. also their campaign for Amnesty International to promote the end of the death penalty is well known.

at our containers. we had a special room for an intimate meeting with the surreal, post-modern characters.. the Hybrids! almost 2000 people came in five days and we were really happy to host the exhibition and meet so much nice people.

more photos on Facebook and check also the nice video report by Kristina Tschesch 6014# and Andreas Spieß 6015# by Arte Creative.

we asked few questions to Rouxel Laetitia #6164 and Jean Philippe Dealander #6185 from Pleix.

Q: you have made the cool characters and also gave them their own personalities and ways to interact with people, but what is the initial idea behind?

A: the animals are getting really angry about mankind and how they are being treaten. they are now revolting and reacting aggressively to people, when they approach them.

Q: during your exhibitions you also see how people react. what do they do?

A: their reactions are a mix between being scared and laughing. sometimes they also feel uncomfortable.

Q: how will your interactive characters develop in the future?

A: they are going to be exhibited in Eindhoven in november and there is going to be a lot more of them.