BERLIN · it was a cross between computer nerds and media artists. what you get is the foundation of GRAFFITI RESEARCH LAB GERMANY, an organisation who describes themselves as 'an art group dedicated to outfitting graffiti writers, artists and protesters with open source technologies for urban communication'. as the German cell of the GRL arrived at PLATOON on Friday evening for their annual general meeting, they brought with them the LIGHTRIDER and mushroom throwies (small sewn mushroom-shaped magnets for the random urban intervention: picture).

they set up a double projection, where they showed their presentation both in the tent, as well as beamed in on the wall opposite the containers.

GRL Germany recently celebrated its one year anniversary and the organisation is gaining its place in Berlin. but two of the five leading members are departing for Incheon to take part in an artist residency and GRLG will need new members and ideas to remain a distinguished organisation among the numerous design and digital artist outfits in Berlin.

and with that, the meeting began with Jesse Scott #5656, Mirae Rosner #5667 and Semi Ramis leading us through the inner- and under-workings of GRLG including their foundation, funding, projects and future while constantly interacting with the audience. they presented some of their personal favorite urban interventions including the LED THROWIES at Kottbusser Tor and the MOBILE SEWING UNIT with mushroom throwies at Alexanderplatz.

they even brought a few mushroom throwies to share and, PLATOON being a giant magnetic monster that it is, it was only a matter of time before the throwies started to be tossed around and stuck on poles and containers.

ideas flowed creatively and incredibly easy, with people offering help to expand the magnetic throwie into mushroom throwies that produce sound and light on impact. but I can't give any many more details because all the input and innovative projects will help GRLG maintain its reputation and passion for digital and media art.

we toasted to the last bbq of the year, as our suave cook Mata #340 noticed his fingers were nearing the point of falling off after chopping all the tomatoes in the chilly weather. we also wished good luck to Jesse and Mirae for the artists residency, and the best of luck to Semi, Hauke and all the GRLR crew for a successful second year with exciting projects. expect to see more throwies, more LIGHTRIDER and more innovative ways to interact with the urban environment.

read about our talk with GRLG members Jesse & Mirae leading up to the meeting here.