BERLIN · PLATOON Cultural Development is kicking off with the first event since moving to the new area. a unique art and music exhibition at PLATOON FACTORY, just next to the upcoming PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin, which will be open from 12th - 15th of june .

international musician and performer Amanda Palmer is releasing a new album with her new band, The Grand Theft Orchestra. therefore she asked her friends, more than 30 international artists, to do artwork for her new album and while in search for a display space in Berlin she turned to PLATOON to do an exhibition followed by an intimate concert.

among other artists, an original piece by Shepard Fairey a.k.a. OBEY will be exhibited. so far they have made more than 70 stunning images for Amanda Palmer's new album, which is financed through crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. initially she pledged for 100.000 USD and at the end received 1.2 million USD!

"it was important to us to find venues that understand that Amanda Palmer is not a traditional artist and this would not be a traditional art show. PLATOON was recommended to us by friends and we started looking at what you have done in Seoul. when we saw, how you are building the Kunsthalle out of shipping containers… we knew we had found our people," explained Eric Sussman who is organizing the whole tour for dates in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Berlin.

for those who don't know Amanda Fucking Palmer - she is a cross-genre performer, provocateur, singer, songwriter, pianist and a ukulele fan. she became known as one half of the cabaret-punk duo Dresden Dolls. as a social media mastermind she has more than a half million followers on twitter and an army of supporters worldwide.

but what really makes Amanda Palmer special is her passion, sincerity and outside of the box approach in bringing together music, art, theatre and her fanbase. we are proud to host such an acclaimed, but down to earth international artist.

all info about the exhibition: DATE - AMANDA PALMER.

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