BERLIN · Berlin's love of start-ups, collaborative consumption, and communication technology outdid itself once again. SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK Berlin took place last week at various locations around the city and events ranged from mainly presentations and talks, to drink & think, to just plain drink (with a little networking). most of the presentations took place at Planet Modular, soon be the MAKERPLATZ hub, where smartphones, iPads, and short attention spans abounded around the makeshift podium. the presentations were impressive, with free wi-fi included, excellent sound and a good number of attendance.

the highlight of my week was Edial's collaborative consumption presentation followed by a round table discussion with founders of Gidsy, 9flats and Destwanted. they helped explain that online trust has increased tremendously in the last few years, making businesses like their own really get moving. because it's virtual impossible to find someone without an online profile, our openness and trust in complete strangers is permanently altered.

in the age of dwindling unrenewable resources, it's not about money but about access to resources. want to grow your own veggies? you don't need to buy a house in country, just rent a 3X3 plot next to Tempelhof. or let's say you need a car for 2 hours a day to get to work and back. just share one with the millions of other like you. there is a new economy of sharing that is growing and technology leads the way.

social media is a growing area of interest, entrepreneurial business and general fascination that is guaranteed to only increase in influence. this festival drove the fact home that social media is changing the way we communicate, do business, and prioritize our lives. SMW Berlin went far beyond the basic to social media with its greater examination of new and fresh topics such as collaborative consumption, social media addiction, and crowd-funding, setting the standard higher than i had ever expected.

next year, i'll definitely go again and i recommend you do the same!