The first edition of PLATOON MAGAZINE was exclusively unveiled at the launch event at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin and in Seoul on Friday, 13th of February.


PLATOON Cultural Development was founded in the year 2000 in Berlin as a communication agency combining artistic creativity and brand communication. We were already envisioning a global creative network sharing the aim to change the world. Therefor we developed the PLATOON NETWORK of visionary creatives worldwide.

Meanwhile more than 7.500 members from over 50 countries joined PLATOON. Once an applicant is recruited as a member in one of our locations, he or she gets the full support and inspiration of the network.

To support this global creative scene we started to built a physical platform with our container-spaces called PLATOON KUNSTHALLE. In 2009 we opened in Seoul/South Korea, in 2012 in Berlin and soon we are opening in Mexico City. There we support and showcase numerous projects of our network members: performances, exhibitions, festivals, workshops, artist residencies and countless events.

Now we launched the next channel to showcase the visionary energy of our network: PLATOON MAGAZINE. The quarterly magazine presents 30 selected members and projects on 96 oversize pages. While also published online on our redesigned website, the print issue will be distributed via the network to all populated continents.

Each edition not only highlights the creativity we see on a daily basis within our network, it also includes a theme — an artistic topic of global relevance. First on our agenda: wearable technology. We explore the topic in various texts, offering a general overview and opinions, as well as profiles of several of our members working in the field. Soon enough, we’ll see wearable technology affect our everyday lives, and we’re giving you a glimpse into how that might manifest.

Ultimately, this magazine is for inspiration — another step to reach our goals of cultural development. If, like us, you’re interested in changing the world, then spread the word. We want to share the experience with a like-minded community. We hope that you will join us in doing so.

More information on how to get you can get your FREE copy will be available shortly on this link.