POP KUDAMM is a temporary cultural place where urban development is artistically interpreted and can be experienced creatively.

PLATOON Cultural Development pioneered Art&Culture Activations through temporary spaces made of shipping containers since the year 2000. The curation and Art Direction of Worldwide Cultural Programs brings together more than two decades of expertise, culminating in POP KUDAMM Berlin - a new Place of Participation.

PLATOON KUNSTHALLE BERLIN opened July 2012 at Schönhauser Allee in Berlin Mitte and shifted its Curatorial Operations to Mexico City, closing its doors in July 2016. PLATOON KUNSTHALLE was designed as an experimental space for artists and creatives, and for the members of the PLATOON NETWORK. In 2022 the original KUNSTHALLE containers were reassembled at Kurfürstendamm 229 to form the temporary space POP KUDAMM. 

PLATOON created the concept and is responsible for the Art & Culture curation.

The co-author of this unique design for the Architectural side are the award winning GRAFT Architects, creative masterminds that are internationally known for their dynamic, flexible and sustainable architecture, using containers, such as the the PLATOON Kunsthalle Seoul and Berlin, and recently POP KUDAMM.

Another great collaboration of URBAN PIONEERS !!!

Come and experience the Cultural Program at POP KUDAMM. Bringing together Art, Science & Architecture.


Marc Brinkmeier: POP KUDAMM Architectural Photography