Adding an extra dimension to the digital video work they’ve become known for, 3D printing was a natural progression for Polish duo Ewelina Aleksandrowicz and Andrzej Wojtas, aka Pussykrew.

Their quick move to win the Artist of the Year Award at the 2014 3D Print Show London is an indication of how readily their 3D generated animation and video translated to a physical form. Their award-winning sculpture series Materia focused on the classical bust with CGI-inspired modifications, but the globular, distorted and distended shapes of Metaballs were equally compelling as images we’re accustomed to seeing onscreen come to life.Interestingly, Pussykrew are now operating on multiple levels of creativity, from the punk, DIY background they came up through and still embrace, to the collaborative environment of the PLATOON ARTISTS LAB in Berlin, to the white cube gallery spaces that have hosted their most recent work. It’s probably not coincidence that this move to the gallery coincides with their investigations of the concept of “post digital.” Their 3D printed works are blurring the borders between the virtual and the physical in a new materialism, and the white walls of the gallery serve only to emphasize that confusion.