Standing up for the cultural rights as a vital element for a society and amongst societies. How can we think about saving the environment if we cannot first arrive to an agreement of cultural tolerance and co-existence?

One year of activities, from parties to talks, workshops, meet-ups, culture insights, think tank sessions, performances, fashion shows, exhibitions, Live Radio transmissions, lunches, lounges and launchings of a variety of projects. Our mission was that of encourage the cultural exchange amongst Mexico and Germany during this past year. Nevertheless, the participants of our activities can be listed from all over the world. 

From June 2016 to June 2017, our activities were planned and executed in order to locate, connect and catalyze creative projects through the facilitation of our temporary locations.

Setting the Alliance of creators further way, means to us the chance of growing strong and grass-roots a union amongst creators capable to enforce and empower the role of creative industries in the contemporary context.

The faster development of technologies, plus the global agenda of economics and politics drive all industries day a day to a more communicated and efficient world, but also make more vulnerable the human conditions of life, expression and collaboration. Our pursuit is clear: encourage creation and culture, with statements of personalized freedom in every situation or actions we plan.

With the end of the dual year we have met with colleagues and allies who already 'Change The World Through Culture'to settle the Alliance looking forward for a common development of the world we imagine.

The first mission and initiative of TGCA Chapter Mexico, is the Humboldt Creative District, an imaginary district thought as a creative topography of Mexico’s City creative forces, emerging the movement from Humboldt Street in the Center of the city, to be spread all over and further more the limits of the city.

If you, your collective or company are interested in joining The Global Creative Alliance and the initiative Humboldt Creative District, get in touch via mail with us at to know more about the different ways in which you can Support TGCA and the Benefits we give back to our Allies and Members.

THANK YOU for being part of this wonderful year, 


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