During one of the Ideas Brunch 01 sessions organized as part of the agenda of Platoon- The Global Creative Alliance, in order to connect projects, people and ideas, we had as guests Rodrigo Kano and Uljana Gontcharova, representing and talking about their latest project Xochipilli by Xochipeople.
Coming from a background specialized in digital design, they've developed a 3D printed sculpture, directly scanned from an original representation of  Xochipilli, "the Aztec God of Arts, Dance and Flowers" from the permanent collection at the Museum of Antropology and History in Mexico City.

They first came to PLATOON MEXICO CITY to connect with other creators that could collaborate on their project and activate a hyper-dimensional sculpture of Xochipilli with media art; using the parametric design as a white canvas. The sculpture was conceived to be presented in Black Rock City - serving as a very good aztec ambassador, since the main topic of Burning Man 2017 was "radicalism".

After months of hard work and the subsequent collaboration with TGCA Allies at OOSPP, they developed an interactive light design which was successfully implemented on the sculpture. Dimensión N worked with them closely in the production and the fundraising of the project; TGCA MEX helped networking and secured a first Radio Interview at NoFM, which together with many other organizations, friends and enthusiasts helped making this visionary project possible through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that ended up with a great finale at Burning Man 2017! We are looking forward to see Xochipilli somewhere in Mexico City too!

All pictures courtesy of Xochipilli by Xochipeople.