BERLIN · wow! what a great speech by Amanda Palmer at Ted!

we remember very well her crowdfunding intimate concert at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE last summer... it was our first event... while we were still stacking up the last containers few weeks before the opening. that was actually the day the Arts made their first step into the kunsthalle.

with that beautiful intimate concert, Amanda and her crew, revealed us the very secret of crowdfunding and what might be the future of the music industry... it might sound simple and idealistic, but if you just ask sincerely and have an inspiring project, you will find those who listen and love to support your idea. that comes from the very gesture of asking, it creates a connection, so who gives, knows he is not buying anything, but getting back something you wouldnt be able to pay for in the first place. crowdfunding is not a new online platform where we can expect to make money just by posting something there... you need to keep drumming and get in touch with people offline, in the real world. on the other hand it is an opportunity for them to give their contribution and have an impact out´s all about engaging, sharing and making ideas happen.

i will never forget when at the end of the Amanda Palmer concert, which she did as a thank you to the fans who supported her in the crowdfunding campaign, she got naked surrounded by about 250 people and said: "i trust you, come close and paint on me" ...  Simonne Jones, our artist lab resident, drew a third eye on her forehead... i guess sometimes, from artist to artist is easier to see what the others dont... in fact Amanda really does have a third eye ;)

by the way, talking about crowdfunding, join us this saturday 9 Mar at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin, we will host the MPA-B BASH, to support the Month of Performance Art, that will attract performace artist from all over the world in may, to take on berlin and make it their stage. but it wont happen this year if you dont get involved... so dont miss out! it will be a blast!

Mother Perera is already crafting some magic beats to get you back on track.

and yes... Amanda Fucking Palmer... thats the way forward!