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On the occasion of the visit of the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, we welcome you to celebrate the start of the Dual Year Germany-Mexico 2016-2017. The Dual Year Germany-Mexico is an initiative of the German Federal Government, coordinated by the Federal Foreign Office and implemented by the Goethe-Institut Mexico.

With this event we also celebrate the opening of PLATOON MEXICO CITY. Expect everything from striking live performances, groundbreaking interactive installations to mind-bending exhibitions.


Con ocasión de la visita del Ministro Federal de Relaciones Exteriores de la República Federal de Alemania, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, te daremos la bienvenida a la celebración del Año Dual Alemania-México 2016-2017. El Año Dual Alemania-México es una iniciativa del Gobierno Federal de Alemania, coordinada por el Ministerio Federal de Relaciones Exteriores e implementada por el Goethe-Institut Mexiko.

Con éste evento también celebramos el opening de PLATOON MEXICO CITY. Espera todo de los sorprendentes performances en vivo, innovadoras instalaciones interactivas y exhibiciones para expandir la mente.



DJ ESAMIPAU / Mexico City
From the beginning of her career EsaMiPau! has positioned herself as one of the most active DJ´s in the nightlife in Mexico City. She is a host & music selector for a weekly radio show on Ibero 90.9 FM. EsaMiPau! founded Go Global, a podcast presenting the best of tropical bass, a growing scene that is generating a new dance culture at a global level. At the moment she is developing a new archive of  Mexican and Latin American electronic music for radio broadcasting.

Barotti is a musician and contemporary multimedia artist based in Berlin. He creates urban sound installations and soundtracks for fantastic futuristic fairytales. Epic and symphonic – with a deep electronic base.

For his live shows, Barotti has invented a new instrument: The Pneumatic Drums.  This enables him to combine his percussive skills in an interactive electronic environment, using the inflatable instrument not only as a drum but also as a projection surface for his visuals. The machine resembles a multicolored UFO and immerses the audience in its euphoric psychedelic patterns and rhythms.

CIHUAH / THE MOVEMENT SESSIONS - Triadic Ballet / Mexico City
CIHUAH is a brand that fuses architectural concepts with fashion design, and pays tribute to the basic geometric patterns of indigenous Mexican clothing. The name, CIHUAH, comes from the Nahuatl word for “woman”, recognizing and acknowledging the indigenous women who create traditional craft designs, their ancient knowledge and culture. CIHUAH garments reflect the design and pattern of Indigenous clothing, respecting their basic geometry while creating a contemporary look. Cihuah is a Premium designer brand created in 2013 by Vanessa Guckel in the heart of thrilling and vibrant Mexico City. 

MONAIREM / Mexico City
Monairem is a multidisciplinary artist and producer born and based in Mexico City. His work is focused on delivering melodic experimental music and designing multimedia installations. His current live A/V act uses projection as a tool to immerse the audience in a cosmic journey to remember.

Antigravity is a DJ & producer, who sailed the seas of electronic music and created his signature sound: avant-garde, experimental and advanced.

VJ ESSTRO9 / Mexico City
Contemporary Visual Art, Glitch Art and Generative Design at its best.


SCHNELLEBUNTEBILDER develops and creates generative visualizations, audiovisual performances, immersive installations and interactive exhibitions. With the interactive installation “TOTEM“, they will transform you into a fluid creature in an ever-changing system of particles.

Teledisko is the smallest disco on the earth. Step in with your friends, choose a song and dance like there is no tomorrow!

Paolo Montiel studied Physics, Art and music, co-founded Alberca Artes, a multidisciplinary independent arts space and Vistlán, a music studio. He started with light programming and design in 2002 and in 2008 co-founded Nerd Light & Media. He is currently a collaborator with Cocolab in the areas of lighting design and audio.

MUTEK / Mexico City
One of the most renown Media Art & Tech Music festivals on the international scene with an Audio Visual Installation by Jordan Rangel, Yelte Castro and Kenji Alvarado (COCAY) - “FIGUE ALPHA“.

QUARSO / Mexico City
Quarso is a multimedia studio based in Mexico City. They create immersive experiences through the use of technology in the fields of the Multimedia Arts, Experiential Marketing and Visual Showcases for performing artists. Wether by video mapping, interactive developments/installations, lighting and electro-mechanic systems, Quarso invents applications that connect people with the ideas they want to communicate. Their vision is to use technology as a medium rather than an end, and focus on the quality of the experience.

Synome (synthetic genome) is a multimedia generative piece conformed by a 500kg steel laminate sculpture, generative visuals and 2 channel audio. It has 5 different visual instances that highlight the synthetic feel brought up by the sculpture bringing it alive inside a soundscape designed for its physical environment. The main objective of this piece is to spur public interaction upon finding themselves in front of a multimedia sculpture that intuitively and organically integrates technological means. 

/*pac Interactive Studio considers everything an entire experiment, theta play with the illusion of control, create expectations, feed curiosity, and let the contents be processed and extend from the actions of many. Everything moves, the unusual is the static. They are full of randomness, intensity, surprise, uncertainty and is in this indeterminate force where spontaneous and unexpected mutations happen. Mutations that demand new possibilities, possibilities that they are not afraid of.  They fear the obsolete.

ECO is an installation of repetition, propagation (spreading light), immersion, reflection and sound. This system joins a series of curiosities with which /*pac Interactive Studio generates light, atmosphere, movement, space, shapes and technology.

Plastique Fantastique is a platform for temporary architecture which samples the performative possibilities of urban environments. Established in Berlin in 1999, Plastique Fantastique has been influenced by the unique circumstances that made the city a laboratory for temporary spaces and has specialized in creating pneumatic installations as alternative, adaptable, low energy spaces for temporary and ephemeral activities.

The transparent, lightweight and mobile shell structures relate to the notion of activating, creating and sharing public space and involving citizens in creative processes. They are in many ways the simplest of structures – a skin that separates but also connects. The result is a site specific installation that breathes new life into the city and makes the invisible visible. At present Plastique Fantastique develops project-oriented teams to realize a wide range of projects worldwide, depending on the specific request.

INTERSPECIFICS / Mexico City - Brasil
Interspecifics is a collective conformed by artists and researchers Leslie García, Paloma López and Thiago Hersan. Their work lies at the intersection between art, science and technology. Micro-pulse is a light/sound installation where through fuel of microbial cells it is possible to visualize bioelectrical fluctuation of different sorts of bacteria consortia in real time.

You can trace the progress of Emeli Theander’s work, probably even from her art school years in Berlin - when, fresh from her native Sweden, she supported herself by selling screen prints at flea markets. But really we’re starting from her late noughties work as street artist Chin Chin. Those wheat pasted paintings were the first indication of her vaguely threatening and mysterious characters. Her mastery of atmosphere has grown ever more refined since her 2010, six-month residency at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE in Seoul, which time must have been a turning point for Theander. Afterwards, she put Chin Chin on hold to focus on her oil painting and drawings. Read more in PLATOON report.

For Dutch painter and sculptor Eveline van de Griend, the friction between the past and present makes for a lot of unsettled power. That’s the first thing that strikes you about her often uncomfortable images, which feature beautifully painted scenes evoking renaissance imagery with an unflinchingly honest twist of modernity. It’s her strand of work that deals most heavily with the aftermath of post-colonialism—a particular resonance drawn from a peripatetic upbringing in Africa, England and Russia before returning to the Netherlands and finally settling in her current base of Berlin. Read more in PLATOON report.

EL BOCHO / Berlin
In a city famous for street artists, El Bocho is one of the most well-known. His recurring characters painted on paper and then pasted on walls—such as “Tina Berlina” or his Citizens series— have been well-documented, and show up all over Berlin. Having arrived here via Frankfurt from his native Spain, El Bocho—whose name translates from Mexican as “little donkey”—manages to keep his true identity secret, despite his numerous gallery exhibitions all over the globe, full participation in the art world and easy engagement with the press. Read more in PLATOON report.

For artists, having an interesting history alongside interesting ideas is not a requirement, but Tina Winkhaus possesses both—which has surely affected her work. Born into a privileged German family, Winkhaus cultivated a gambling addiction by the tender age of 16. Forced by her family to choose between a job and therapy, teenaged Tina responded to her love of acrobats, artists and con-men and became a circus photographer, then going on to study photography formally. Since then, the award-winning artist has not only had continuous gallery shows, she has also exhibited internationally in museums. Her portraits - because they’re definitely portraits, even if the subjects have included a flock of flamingos and a bouquet of flowers - are rich with post-production to create beautifully saturated images that often recall the elegance of classical painting and portraiture. Read more in PLATOON report.

Part bike gang but all DIY-enthusiasm, Trafo Pop are a group of artists and designers — led by PLATOON member Thomas Gnahm — known for their homemade light jackets. With built-in LED screens controlled by microprocessors, their night rides, flashmobs and demonstrations are colorful affairs featuring wearables such as jackets whose LEDs react to sound and come with touch interfaces that control animation on the back. It’s also an open community that encourages others with workshops that teach attendees how to make their own jacket or device that can then be worn at the next night ride. Read more in PLATOON report.

ONYX ASHANTI / Berlin - Detroit
Going from playing saxophone in a small town marching band to creating his own instruments to be a one-man band, Onyx Ashanti has brought science fiction to life with ‘beatjazz’ - his term for his concoction of beat-driven, jazz and improvisation-informed experimental electronic music.Using self-built electronics - a system that he’s constantly building upon - his first beatjazz controller was a three-way wireless network called the “exo- voice” worn on his hands and head, played not unlike a saxophone with a mouth unit, but with the freedom to move his hands in any direction. Read more in PLATOON report.